Residential Storage

The first thing you need to know when deciding your Storage Needs.

Figuring out which size storage unit you need can be daunting, you don’t want to choose one that is too big or too small.

We can help make that easier, by taking some simple steps into consideration:

  • Declutter before you bring your items to the storage unit
  • Put similar items in boxes and mark each box clearly
  • Once you have an idea of exactly whats going into storage you will know how much room you will need to hire
  • Knowing how and why you need storage will also helps you determine what size storage unit works best for you
  • If you wont be accessing your storage often (moving/travelling), then you are able to fit more in a smaller unit as you wont need the space to walk around
  • If you have seasonal items that need to be accessed often, then its best to look for a bigger unit that you can move around
  • Place items that you will be accessing the most at the front of the unit
  • Measure builky items to make sure you chose the right size storage unit